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Ways to Sponsor NIE

The Tribune-Democrat’s Newspaper In Education program reaches more than 9,000 students weekly across four counties: Cambria, Somerset, Indiana and Bedford. NIE not only boosts student’s reading skills but also their knowledge of subjects like character development, living skills, current events, career choices, citizenship, black history, bullying, critical thinking skills, financial literacy and so much more. Researchers have shown for years that students who read the news perform higher on standardized test and become more engaged in civics and volunteerism in their communities.
There are many ways to help our educational community through NIE sponsorship including Adopt-A-Classroom, Vacation/individual donations and fundraising efforts.

Adopt-A-Classroom Sponsorship adpclass

One Way to help is by sponsoring a classroom set of newspapers for a school. More than 32 school districts, universities, private, technical and alternative schools participate in The Tribune-Democrat’s Newspaper In Education program. All classroom teachers receive access to the newspapers along with lesson plans and other support resources on a no charge basis. NIE will find a participating school near your business or home for you to support.

The cost for supporting one classroom is $180.00. Contact Dave Cook at 814-532-5003 or nie@tribdem.com to pledge your sponsorship.

Vacation Donation vacdoni

Whether you are gone one day, two or three weeks, you can help schools when you put your newspaper on hold during your time away. Instead of asking for your account to be credited, just tell the customer service representative at 532-5003 or 888-307-0905 to donate your paper to NIE.

Individual Donations

When you make a payment for your Tribune-Democrat subscription you can include aniedoni donation to NIE. Every dollar adds up. The Tribune-Democrat supports over 75% of all costs involved in NIE, the balance is funded through Adopt-A-Classroom, block sales, contests, vacation/individual donations and various fundraising events.

You can contact Dave Cook at 532-5003 or nie@tribdem.com. To make a credit card donation click the Donate button. It will take you to the secure Pay Pal site. You do not have to have a Pay Pal account to pay by all the major credit cards.

The Tribune-Democrat, NIE Program, 425 Locust Street, Johnstown, PA 15901,