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November 2, 2019

The Tribune-Democrat Newspaper In Education Program

National studies suggest that students who use the newspaper as part of their academic setting score higher on tests, and are better comprehensive readers than students who learn only from textbooks. The newspaper is the most up-to-date textbook available.

The Newspaper In Education (NIE) program provides newspapers, curriculum guides, special supplements and other educational services to our classrooms and teachers. The Tribune-Democrat helps teachers develop and enhance the skills their students need to compete in today’s world. NIE not only boosts student’s reading skills but also their knowledge of subjects like character development, living skills, current events, career choices, citizenship, black history, bullying, critical thinking skills, financial literacy and so much more.

The Tribune-Democrat NIE program provided 220 teachers in 32 different school districts newspapers to use as “living textbooks” in their classrooms. Through the NIE program, The Tribune-Democrat reaches over 9,000 students per week in Cambria, Somerset, Indiana and Bedford counties. The Tribune-Democrat provides the newspapers to the schools and students at no cost to the schools.

There is a cost however, for the Tribune-Democrat. The Tribune-Democrat must purchase the newsprint that the newspapers are printed on, the ink, labor and distribution costs. All of this is absorbed by The Tribune-Democrat in order to furnish newspapers to our area schools at no cost for the schools. It is events like Morley’s Run that help support this program and keep it going.

The students in our area schools are our future customers, employees, and leaders. The economic health and development of our community, depends on quality education for our students. The Tribune-Democrat is committed to continuing support of our NIE program; however it is a never ending challenge to meet the ever increasing demand to sponsor classroom newspapers each year. With your help, we can continue to support Johnstown’s future, which is in the hands of our up and coming students.

Facts about NIE
It sparks student’s interest and knowledge of current events.
It helps develop skilled readers, writers and communicators.
It allows students to talk with their peers and their parents about what they read.
It is a creative teaching tool.
The Tribune-Democrat contains practical, up-to-date information.
It is the perfect model for teaching students to write for a purpose.
It is a school budget bargain - free!

NIE Teacher Quotes
“Everyday we take 45 minutes and sit down with our students. They pick an article they are interested in and read out loud. One students reading improved 3 grade levels!”
“Students are talking about politics!”
“As a teacher it makes my heart soar to see them become so well rounded.”
“My government students read your paper to practice using the political spectrum, recognize bias and see how such things as block and categorical grants work in our area.”
“The newspapers are a great addition to my classroom in that current local news pertaining to science is available for instructional purposes. Mentioning or discussing a topic to students that was on the evening or morning news is fine. However, showing printed text and photos to classes is much more enlightening.”
“As a speech therapist, I have students of all ages and it can be challenging to present materials that are interesting to such a range. The newspapers are a favorite with them, because each student can find something to discuss.”