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What is NIE?

It means literacy, molding responsible adults, educating our youth, it simply means “Newspaper In Education.” The classroom is part of a dynamic global community. Learning to find, evaluate and use information and to participate as active, concerned citizens are the basics that students need to cope in tomorrow’s ever changing, complex world. The Tribune-Democrat helps teachers develop and enhance the skills their students need to compete in today’s world. The Tribune-Democrat does that through Newspaper In Education.

The NIE program provides newspapers, curriculum guides, special supplements and other educational services to our classrooms and teachers. Special supplements can be tailored to correlate with the classroom’s curriculum. NIE allows teachers to use The Tribune-Democrat as a “living textbook”. The newspaper is real world learning from an up-to-date resource.

Why did over 220 local teachers feel the newspaper was a motivational teaching tool?
* It sparks students interest to learn.
* It helps develop skilled readers, writers and communicators.
* It allows students to talk with their peers and their parents about what they read.
* It is a creative teaching tool.
* It enhances cooperative efforts.
* It contains practical, up-to-date information.
* It increases student’s interest and knowledge of current events.
* It is the perfect model for teaching students to write for a purpose.
* It assists teachers in meeting Pennsylvania’s educational requirements.
* It is a school budget bargain - free!

** Most of all it is FUN! **

The students in our area schools are our future customers, employees, and leaders. The economic health and development of our community, depends on quality education for our students. The Tribune-Democrat is committed to covering the cost of this program, however it is a never ending challenge to meet the ever increasing demand to sponsor classroom newspapers each year. With your help, we will. In partnership, we can accomplish the goals of the program.



The Tribune-Democrat, NIE Program, 425 Locust Street, Johnstown, PA 15901,




Thank you!

To all loyal subscribers for donating their papers while away or sending in a donation with their subscription payment.

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To donate your vacation paper to NIE, please call Customer Service at 814-532-5000 or 1-866-307-0905